Friday, January 5, 2007

Podcasts Available From The ASX Website

The Australian Stock Exchange run a program called Investor Hour Seminars with is a series of one hour lunchtime presentations. Podcasts of selected presentations can be found here.

There are a couple of really good presentations there. I find this a useful resource as I am not able to attend the seminars in person, and the presentations are normally of a high quality.


Paul Smith said...


Looks like you have got the start of a very good blog here.

I wasn't aware of the podcasts being available from the ASX but I will definately check them out. I am not from a capital city so I have never had a chance to catch the lunch time seminars.

I also run an Australian investing blog. It is located at My aim is to find undervalued companies using fundmanetal analysis.

If you like please pop over and if your interested I will add your blog to my set of links.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Smith

January Charayne said...

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