Thursday, June 26, 2008

ABC Learning Share Price Recovery

Shares in ABC Learning were one of the better performing issues on the Australian stock market today. After reaching new lows this week, they finished up 30% today still a far cry from the $8.00 plus all time high, but much improved from their low of 65 cents this week. Only yesterday I wrote about this week's share price weakness in ABC Learning Shares Plumb New Lows.

The recovery appears to be in response to an announcement released to ASX today which said that ABS had completed the sale of 60% of its US Business to Morgan Stanley Private Equity. The announcement also stated that ABC Learning has received the cash proceeds of the sale. As far as I can tell, some of the proceeds will be used to reduce debt levels at the company.

The transaction values the US Business at US$700 million. ABS still retains ownership of 40%. One of the interesting parts of this deal is a call option for ABC Learning to buy back the 60% from MSPE in 3 years. It seems they really want to keep pushing into the US.

Today's share price recovery is impressive. While the Australian stock market is up overall today, the ABS gains put it way ahead of the index. The investing public are obviously happy with the deal.


Speculaor said...

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