Sunday, July 27, 2008

Australian Stock Market Floats For August

There is a real theme to the upcoming Australian Stock Market Floats for August 2008. You guessed it - small resources stocks. Although there are only a handful of stocks due to list on the ASX next month, I thought it would still be worth running my eye over them.

Below is the meager list of upcoming Australian Stock Market IPO's.

RVE - Riviera Resources Limited (August 1)
EMG - Emergent Resources Limited (August 7)
IVA - Ivanhoe Australia Limited (August 7)
AGN - Australian Gemstone House Limited (August 14)
OHZ - Opal Horizon Limited (August 15)
MET - Mt Isa Metals Limited (August 22)

Riviera Resources Limited is trying to raise $2,500,000 through the issue of twelve and a half million shares at twenty cents each. The company plans to extend on the exploration work already done on the Three Sisters Project in Queensland with a view to eventually mining any gold or other base metals discovered.

Emergent Resources Limited want to raise $4,000,000 at twenty cents per share. Emergent Resources are looking for iron, copper, lead, zinc, gold, nickel and uranium as part of the Beyondie Iron Project in Western Australia.

Ivanhoe Australia Limited is much more ambitious. It's looking for $125 million at $2.00 per share. Ivanhoe is seeking to explore and develop copper, gold and uranium deposits starting with its "highly prospective" Cloncurry Project.

Here's something a little different. Australian Gemstone House Limited is looking for opals and sapphires. To undertake this task Australian Gemstone House will need $30 million at $1.00 per share.

Not to be outdone, Opal Horizon Limited is also looking for opals. Opal Horizon not only wants to look for opals, it also wants to be involved in the "mining, purchasing, processing, wholesaling and marketing" of opals. To that end, it is raising $6 million at $0.25 per share.

And the last cab of the rank is Mt Isa Metals Limited. They'll be looking for mineral deposits to develop in central and North-West Queensland. For this task, they're seeking $7 million at twenty cents per share.

I haven't looked at any of these companies in detail yet so if you're interested make sure you do your own homework - as you should with any Australian Stock Market float. You should not consider any of the above to be recommendations.