Monday, July 21, 2008

Walker Thompson Australian Stock Market Investment Software

*** Important Update ***

Please read the comments at the bottom of this post if you have been approached be Walker Thompson or are considering one of their products. Take particular note of loving mum's experience.

What do you know about automated stock picking software? The reason I ask is that I've noticed a number of visitors arriving at my blog having searched for "walker thompson trading software" (or some variation thereof). I've never used any products like this but I'm curious about how they work and how many people use this sort of stock picking software.

So I'd be interested to find out how many people have used this type of software, particularly to invest in the Australian stock market, and what their experience has been. Do these packages use fundamental analysis to pick stocks or do they use some sort of technical analysis (ie. charting/momentum/trends, etc) to spit out the recommendations of what shares to buy?

To be honest, I have my doubts about how well something like this would work over the long term. Any time I buy shares, it is only once I've not only had a close look at all of the important financial ratios but also read a couple of company's annual reports as well as any other important announcements which have been released to the ASX.

Incidentally, I've since tried to find out more about walker thompson sharemarket software but none of my searches have turned up anything interesting.


Shelton Muller said...

I received a call from your office and was very rudely treated...and you were trying to sell me something.
Fat chance if that's how you behave!

Bronnie said...

I was contacted by Walker Thompson and a brochure was sent out. It reminds me of the "horse racing" software that was available in the early nineties. You know, they tell you what to bet on, and you bet on it and you can make a profit because their software is fabulous, etc, etc.
I'm not saying it isn't good because I haven't used or seen it, but I do note two things.
One, they have no website - which, in my mind, says they are not open to disclosing information to the public, I don't like that.
Second, they don't tell you how much the software is, and it's obvious, by the information in the brochure, that it's expensive.
I'm going to call them to find out, but frankly, it doesn't seem to be much different than a stock broker?

aussieinvestor said...

Hi Shelton, thanks for stopping by. When you say "I received a call from your office", I presume you're talking about Walker Thompson (because I don't have an office). Just to clear things up, I'm in no way affiliated with these guys and know very little about them. However, I'm happy to host a discussion about them because they don't seem to have a web presence at all.

aussieinvestor said...

Hi Bronnie - thanks for your comments. I remember the old "horse racing" software days but not being much of a betting man, I never took the time to try any of them out. It is strange that they don't have a web presence - you'd think it would be a reasonably cheap way to generate sales leads - although based on feedback from Shelton, I don't know how effective their sales process is. The thing that troubles me about any automated stock picking software is that most seem to be "black box" in the way they operate. I'd much prefer to see to basis for any stock recommendations it spits out.

4themoment said...

Before anyone send any money toward "walker thompson trading software" do yourself a favor and read all information from this forum:
If it look like $hit and smell like $hit it is $hit.
After all the same company “ CMS Pty Ltd ” will debit your credit card for your purchase.
BEWARE & have a nice day.

4thistimeonly said...

After checking info from 4themoment
Same postal address as Walker Thompson Pty Ltd

CMS deregistered 02.06.2008 but will get the $ ???

Google pcaa ltd

loving mum said...

Do yourselves a favour and steer clear of Walker Thompson.Iwas hounded for weeks by these scammers trying to fob off their software and i soon fell victim to their con. I lost $5000 to these con artists and I was devastated to think I has been stung!( I am normally very very careful when it comes to scams)In true scammer style they lead you to beleive you will be on your way to financial freedom but after they take your money, they dont want to know you. HUGE lesson learnt for me!I only wished i hadve googled them first..and read something like my comment. I have to give them top marks though for reeling you in,obviously very well trained in sucking people in, even to the point of the consultant giving you her 'personal mobile number,if ever you need help or wish to discuss anything, we're here for you' which turned out bodgy and then to be told by the rude staff that" you cant speak to that person, so dont even bother trying" Please beware..Dont be taken in by the typical marketing tools, the pretty colourful brochure and the 'nice'lady on the end of the phone who talks to you like a long lost freind.

Rebecca said...

REFUND INVESTIGATION: If you believe that you have have been decieved and should receive a REFUND from Walker Thompson please contact us. We investigate these type of false representations and assist with obtaining a REFUND. Feel free to contact us on 1300 550 475 to discuss a possible solution for you!

Peter said...

I believe these con artists are marketing themselves as a new company called CFS wealth creation

mosaic52 said...

I'm in the UK and have received a glossy, professional looking brochure from CFS after a sales call a week or two back and have now just had a very plausible conversation with one of their team. It's hard to find information via Google on a company with only initials for its name but I'm glad to have found your blog; thank you. They offer software that advises you to buy, sell on your own account, with frequent trades. This software is sold with 50% due up front (just under £5000)and the balance paid out of profits at the end of the first year. Putting this initial payment on a credit card was suggested. There is no web site with their address on the brochure as "London Stock Exchange"; this appears at best to be a building name and definitely not the actual exchange. Googling also shows up "CORPORATE FINANCIAL TRADING SOLUTIONS AND INVESTMENTS (LONDON) LIMITED" as sharing the same company registration number implying CFS is a trading name at best. All very suspicious; luckily I have no money and all the credit crads are 'maxed out'!

city said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.